Who we are

Build Value, Network, And Movement

Equity Matters is a network of innovators. Our work helps clients and communities evolve and change in a transformative way. We are a network of equity practitioners and we believe in communities of practice that support the culture of equitable development. We look at things through a social determinants lens addressing not just health, but well-being. We promote equity in all policy.


What We Do

Equity Matters offers a variety of supports and organizational strategies for getting voices heard and improving their impact in a group or community. Our team is comprised of experts from a variety of backgrounds who have the training and experience to develop and implement real change. We work in a racial equity framework that we call “counter-racism,” which stands on the shoulders of tradionally anti-racist practices, but adds complexity science practices as well.

Why we matter

Our Frameworks

In biology, for an organism to thrive, the cells involved have to take in elements of the environment so as to survive and thrive. Communities function much the same way. Equity Matters’ facilitation process carefully brings in voices from other circles into a particular problem-set that might not otherwise have their presence. We use our years of experience to find and develop these insights that might not otherwise be at the table to see solutions in a new way.

How do you know if Equity Matters is a good fit for your needs? Some problems have a clear cause and effect. Others are far more complex. Many of the problems faced by communities and organizations are difficult to pigeonhole into an easy answer. Our team thrives on working with clients to find new answers to hard questions.

Culture of Practice

Equity Matters encourages working within a Culture of Practice (CoP) model. CoPs are collective models for people and communities to come together to systematically learn, share, improve their efforts, and take action together.

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Baltimore Community Health Equity Report-Equity Matters Executive Production with PLACE-MATTERS-for-Health-in-Baltimore (pdf)


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